Stoke Introduces Graham Short

Don’t miss this opportunity hear Graham Short talk about his extreme way of working to produce the smallest engravings, possibly in the world! Why does he work from midnight until 5.00am? Why does he inject Botox into his eyelids? Why does he lower his heart beat to 20 beats per minute? Why does he swim 10k daily? Tickets are £12.50 inc a two course supper and can be obtained from Stoke Village Shop of 07845 613855. Be prepared to be amazed!graham-short-a4-poster

Stokeinteignhead Flower and Produce Show 2019

The village show is back this year! It’s on Saturday 27 July in St Andrew’s Church from 2.00-5.00pm.

Show schedule and entry form can be obtained from the village shop or downloaded here! Entries are very much encouraged from all residents in the local area, ie Stoke, Combe, Haccombe, Rocombe and Maidencombe. We are also most keen that children enter too. The more the merrier and there is something for everyone! Full entry details can be found in the schedule. Enter as many or as few classes as you wish and feel proud to be taking part in such a wonderful village event. See you all on the 27 July!